FAQ- Operator Training Program

  • I can't view the pages well- what should I do?

    The recommended browsers to use are Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

  • How do I sign up multiple people for my company?

    The first step is to contact TrainMOR, a division of Morrison Industrial, directly and we will guide you thru the process. Give us a call at 616-447-3846 or e-mail us, using your name or your company name on the subject line, and email to training@trainmor.com.

  • How will I pay for the training program?

    An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice. You will only need to have a credit card to complete the transaction.

  • What if I don't have a job now and still want training?

    Our online training program may be a fit for you! Sign up and take the classroom training in forklift operations via PC or mobile phone. Some employers require proof of prior forklift training, and this program may help you during your job search. While it is the employer’s responsibility to provide forklift training to you once hired, our program can assist in landing your next job! Lastly, your employer must provide documented classroom and hands-on training, then issue you a permit (wallet card). Our classroom/online instruction is part one of having a valid, legal permit.

  • What will I receive after I complete the training course?

    After completing the course, you will be able to print off your completion certificate and/or e-mail it to the appropriate person in your company. Your company will also receive a wallet card, sent via a secure e-mail.

  • What do I do after completing the course?

    Show your completion certificate to your supervisor. Next will be the hands-on training at your workplace. After your hands-on training is completed, your employer will approve and sign the wallet card for your company.

  • Is hands-on training required?

    Yes! In order for you to receive a valid, legal permit, you must have both classroom (online) instruction and hands-on training. Your hands-on training must be both truck and site specific (using a truck that you would use to do your job, on the shop floor).

  • How do I conduct hands-on training for my employees?

    You have more than one option to complete the hands-on training. You can either do this yourself on your shop floor, or you can hire out TrainMOR for an on-site training and consultation visit. Give us a call to discuss these options further.